Monday, March 23, 2009

Six Months

Six months ago


Is it possible that we have been home with Moriah for over six months? The time has gone by so quickly. It is amazing to reflect on how far this little one has come in those months. 

Then: she wasn't walking. She had skinny little stick legs and arms. Her shoulders were hunched so that she couldn't get into crawling position. She wanted to eat all the time (ok, maybe this one hasn't changed much!).  She had constant ear infections.  Her right thumb was turned in and hardly used. She would give a little fake smile if she thought that was what we expected. She didn't understand much of what we said, and we didn't understand what she said. She needed a family.  

Now: she is walking well and trying to run. She has rolls of plumpness on her legs. Her shoulders have opened so that she can crawl and climb. She has had surgery and hours of therapy. She uses her thumb a lot. She has been baptized and heard the Gospel and been loved by God's people. She can say quite a few things and understands just about everything we say. She has opened her heart to us and allowed us the privilege of becoming her family.  Her smile lights up her eyes and her face. She is no longer an orphan but a daughter.

 Bringing Moriah home has changed all of us. 

Kimberly went from being the only girl to having a baby sister. She has learned to share her room. She has taken a lot of responsibility for Moriah and is such a huge help. I don't know what I would do without her. She is always willing to help. Saturday, she got Moriah's breakfast, gave her a bath and got her dressed.  What a blessing to have two daughters! 

Caleb is no longer the middle child. He also has learned more responsibility as he has helped with Moriah. He does a great job of keeping her out of trouble and entertaining her. He is a fabulous big brother. I know he will always protect his little sister. He has a lot of nicknames for her.

Josiah went from the baby of the family to the big brother. Moriah loves to play with him and he always finds ways to entertain her. They sit together on her little scooter toy and scoot around the house. It isn't always easy for him as he was the youngest in our family for six years. But he has done a great job in his new role. 

And Andy and I went from being parents of three to parents of four. Somehow having four kids seems like a lot! We have had to remember how it is to have a little one again. We have had to work harder to carve out time for each other. And we have had our ups and downs with the attachment process. But most of all we feel honored and blessed to have this little bundle of God's grace in our home. Sometimes I still can't believe that she is ours. When there is yogurt on the floor, toys everywhere, dishes in the sink, laundry overflowing, I have to stop for a minute and reflect on the wonder of this little life born so far away, protected so lovingly by her Heavenly Father, and finally brought to us. Everyday we have among us a living, breathing picture of what God has done for us in adopting us into His family, putting His name upon us, and calling us His own. Once we were far off, but now we are brought near through Christ. 

Happy six months home, Moriah Mei!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

No Hands But Ours

You can read a short summary of our story on the website "No Hands but Ours." Just click on the button on our sidebar and then go to family stories. Be sure to read some of the others as well. Each one is a testimony to God's grace as he brings these little ones home. I love to read all of the stories and see how each child is uniquely suited to his or her family. I am constantly amazed at the way that God brought Moriah to us and how He is knitting her into our family.