Sunday, June 7, 2009

Moriah's Favorite Things

Nine months ago, Moriah was placed in our arms. She was so small and vulnerable. She was brought to the door of our hotel room by people she hardly knew and given to people she didn't know at all. God's grace has been so abundant to all of us in this process. I am amazed when I think of all that He has done in her life and in all of our lives in the past nine months. To remember how far our little one has come in these nine months, I would like to share some of Moriah's favorite things.  

1. Having a forever family! She has definitely found her place as the baby of our family! 

2.  Eating yogurt. "Yogi," as she calls it is her favorite way to start the day. We had quite a few tears last week when we ran out. No other breakfast is quite as satisfying.

3. Playing outside.  Moriah knows how to open the screen, so if we don't lock it we are risking an escape. If the boys are outside, she will head on out. Last night we sat down to dinner and everyone looked around and said, "Where's Moriah?" She had followed Josiah out, but had not followed him back in! Yikes! Thankfully, she was still in the yard. Not one of our most glorious parenting moments!

4. Sleeping with sister. She always goes to sleep in her own bed, but every morning we find her snuggled up with sister in her bed! She gets up and goes over to Kimberly sometime in the night and says "up, up" until Kimberly puts her in her bed. Thankfully, Kimberly doesn't mind. But if she keeps this up, they are going to be pretty crowded in Kimberly's twin bed!

5. Mo Mo. This is our family's word for pacifier. Kimberly started calling it that when she was little and it stuck. Moriah's first full sentence was, "Mo, Mo, where are you?" Moriah did not come to us with a pacifier, but when we got pictures from her time in foster care in China, we noticed that she always had a pacifier. Andy bought a variety of types trying to match the one in the pictures and she was hooked (again.) Is this a good thing?? 

6. Bath time. She would take several baths a day if we let her. She doesn't mind getting water in her eyes and could stay in forever. For some reason I have always sung a bumble bee song to the kids when they get out of the tub. The song has nothing to do with the bath, but somehow it became the bath song. So now she begins to sing "bumble bee" when she gets out. 

She is growing and learning so much each day. She brings us great joy and many opportunities to rely on the grace of the Lord.

Happy nine months in your forever family, Moriah Mei!